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XYY males and their families from around the globe would like to share their stories and experiences first hand

Our goal is to create a positive view of XYY Syndrome and show support for those who need it.

I’ve created this space for families that would like to share

their experiences with XYY Syndrome.

If you would like to share your XYY experiences or your story please Contact us.

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Sharing our XYY stories from around the globe:

November 2017, the day XYY families from around the globe pulled together to create this beautiful group video clip.

2017- Mum shares her experiences via video.
Understanding more about XYY Syndrome
CLICK TO VIEW her story and experiences

2017-Mum shares their story, via a video she created:  Laura’s family story

2017- Mum shares their story: 

I got Steven a shirt made that says: “I love my homies with extra chromies”

Steven is 17. When he was 8 he had various tests and doctors trying to figure out what was going on with him. The psychologist told us he was autistic but wanted to do blood tests because she thought he got it from lead. That is when we found out he had XYY Syndrome. She told us not to tell the school because there would be no funding for him. (There is actually more) and to not worry about it. When he was 13 he said inappropriate things to a girl. They had concerns so sent us to a neuro-psychology doctor. The doctor said it wasn’t autism but something else. I said he has XYY Syndrome and he told us that was the determining issues with him. It was because of XYY Syndrome.

So he skipped grade 8 and went to the high school in the living skills program. He is funny (when he is himself) when he tries to be funny he is not. He has a kind heart. He got into trouble with the family almost two years ago. Since then he has always been with an adult. He is never on his own.

The neuro-psychology doctor told us his frontal lobe was not developing and he peaked at age 8. Meaning his learning has stopped.

We live in Canada. We have filled out the paperwork to be his legal guardian and trustee when he is 18. Which is the end of September. He qualifies for AISH and PDD. Meaning he will get some money from the Government because he cannot work. Also, PDD for someone to be with him full-time. We have to fight for it but I am used to fighting.

Individual XYY family slides from around the globe:

>Shelley family<

>TK Brown<



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