Creating awareness for males born with XYY Syndrome and this is our story.

Creating awareness for males born with XYY Syndrome

 This is our story

From the age of two we started to notice our son wasn’t developing along the same lines as is generally expected for a child his age.

After many attempts to work out what was causing the delays in reaching developmental milestones, he was finally diagnosed by having a genetic blood test -XYY Syndrome was his diagnosis at the age of 4.

Due to difficulties experienced with speech and comprehension, he became increasingly frustrated at not being able to communicate his needs and wants effectively.

This therefore created problems with his ability to control his emotions and delayed his social development.

We found that encouraging him to participate in social groups, sports and community events, he gradually developed some of the skills required to effectively engage with the world around him.

Now, at the age of six he loves to socialise even if he does still require some additional support and guidance.

At the end of the day though, he is still a young boy who loves nothing more than playing and having fun!

Our son’s characteristics

Below we have listed a few characteristics our son has displayed over the years:

  • more than above average height
  • difficulty controlling emotions
  • screams a lot
  • loses self within emotions
  • emotionally immature
  • finds it hard to self soothe and regulate behaviour
  • difficulty comprehending certain questions or situations
  • task avoidance
  • muscle weakness
  • requires additional support and guidance in social situations
  • requires additional help at school
  • holds a conversation with himself
  • enjoys making animal noises
  • impulse control

 Support Networks

Over the last three years we have been working hard to find the appropriate support networks available but it has not been easy. This is when we decided to start creating awareness ourselves for XYY Syndrome and sharing our experiences.

Out of the kindness of our hearts we would like to share our story and our resources so that we may help other boys, men and families like ours.

We love our son and this is only the start of our journey.




XYY Syndrome Australia

This is very important,

Unfortunately, and incredibly, there is no funding provided for the boys, men and families living with XYY Syndrome on a daily basis.

That is why we are sharing our story in the hope we may increase awareness and one day soon receive the recognition this disorder deserves.

Please help spread the awareness.

Warmest regards

Dave and Amber






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