Awareness Event For XYY Syndrome

Awareness Event For XYY Syndrome

Come show your support for families, children, teenagers , adults diagnosed with XYY Syndrome.

Only males are born with XYY Syndrome and only a true diagnosis can be made by genetic testing( blood test)

Our son was born with XYY Syndrome and needs daily support, however his diagnosis is not recognised as needing specialised support and we have funded a lot on our own.

My husband and I decided to host this awareness event to share our story and share as much information as we can for all XYY boys, teenagers, adults & families that need support and like us have found it very hard to find the support that’s needed.

On our journey we have come across many other XYY families, boys, teenagers and adults online just like us, the common thread is that this diagnosis is just pushed aside.

I hear this a lot, we get told just give him love and you’ll be ok. We do, but we need so much more support and understanding then that.

Please help us and show your support by sharing the awareness for XYY Syndrome.

Click this link XYY Syndrome Awareness Event 25 November 2016   for full details

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